How we started


I'm a full time Mum of four Children. I wanted to start my own business which could fit around my busy lifestyle and so "Through The Looking Glass Boutique" was born online. We then started a small boutique in 2014 which has now grown into a large life style shop.  We sell gifts, ladies clothing, baby & todler clothes, bath bombs, candles, accessories, jewellery, wooden toys and more.  ​

We then went on to opened a coffee & cake shop in June 2016 which is located in our Shepshed boutique.

On September 16th 2017 our sister gift shop in Loughborough.  

September 2018 we moved location in Shepshed to 24 Loughborough Road.  This building was built during the 1700's and was previously residential.  Here it feels like home from home.  We are now a Tea Rooms and bake everything in house.  You can now come for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, parties, and we can even cater for you at home, a venue or work.  

We are hoping to open our wonderland garden for summer 2019!!


At Through the looking glass we are passionate about our online shop and new boutique.  We hope you find something you like and share the love of our products.  If you have any ideas about new products please let us know and we will endeavour to add them to our page. 

We will keep you up to date with new releases and what is coming soon via email and our social media sites. Feel free to tell us what you think as we value your opinions. 


We look forward to your custom and ideas.


                                  Amanda x